Our charges

Our prices are incredibly simple - £35/month for an unlimited, uncapped service.


There's a charge for an initial survey and then installation that includes all the kit needed. This depends on the survey, and can vary from around £200 to £850.

Most of our customers in Wales are eligible for an award from the Welsh Government Access Broadband Cymru Scheme (ABC) which in most cases will cover the full cost of our installation. This means there are no up front costs for the majority of customers that use our service.

Depending on the survey you'll get a guaranteed 10Mbs or 30Mbs and there is no usage cap - you can download as much as you want.

We build our networks to ensure there is adequate capacity and we are able to monitor individual usage, but rely on our users to respect that their service is shared across the community and to avoid activities such as hosting etc which can impact on other users experience.

What help is available

We work with the Wales Co-operative Centrei who are available to provide advice and to help you create a suitable legal framework for a local community project with the potential of additional funding should your community decide to follow this route.