What we can offer

We can help a community get themselves online - with advice, training, equipment, design, programmed radios and support.

Community partnership

We are looking to create a partnership with communities across Wales in remote rural areas where there is little chance of traditional fast broadband.

We will help these communities develop skills and indeed business opportunities to help build and maintain their own networks wherever they are in Wales.

This unique business model works as follows ...

  • The community engages local interest, performs local surveys and installations (paid for by us)

  • Broadband by Radio trains volunteers from the community, provides the hardware (programmed radios and modems) and the broadband connection (high level network design, incoming broadband lines, support and billing).

Our offering to the community

We will work with individuals or groups to teach them the key skills required to carry out surveys, determine best locations for the radios and to help with designing optimum networks in their community. In return they will be rewarded with a commercial rate for the work they do.

We will provide all the radios and network equipment and will commission radios to bring them into service. In addition, we will provide the tools required to monitor their network, and we will provide support to manage the network.

We will also remotely monitor and manage the service in the community and work with those skilled individuals to help resolve any problems. These activities will also be reimbursed by us.

We will take responsibility for provision and rental costs of every broadband line used to provide service to the community, as well as the upfront cost of all radio equipment, and the installations costs paid to those involved in the installation activities.

We will also help individual customers through the Welsh Government funding award process.

We will manage the monthly billing cycle and provide invoices where required.

Additional business opportunities

Our experience has identified additional opportunities to help customers make the most of their broadband service by installing WiFi solutions into properties, possible installation of CCTV etc as further potential income streams for individuals in the community.