What our customers say

Broadband by Radio Is fantastic! It makes such a difference to work with a firm where you have a direct line to the company owners who really know their stuff and will find a way to sort things out and are lovely to work with. I have spent years trying to find a solution to awful broadband speeds and then tripped across Geoff and Tim, they helped us put together a local solution in around 4 months from start to finish including helping us access the grants. These guys are brilliant and I highly recommend them.

Saran Allott-Davey

I just wanted to thank you and Tim, our internet is running well, my son especially is enjoying the speed and accessibility we didn't have before.


My work involves dealing with companies in the global telecommunications industry on a daily basis, and access to a reliable high-speed internet connection at my home office is a must. I have been using satellite broadband since moving to Monmouthshire in 2010, which has been reliable but limiting and expensive. Broadband By Radio installed their wireless solution and the connection speed went through the roof. More importantly for me the service has been solid and reliable. I would highly recommend the service to anyone that works from home or who depends on a high speed high quality broadband service.

Stephen Smith

After years of waiting in the hope of being connected to a broadband service that provided a useable speed over 1.6 Mbps I reluctantly had a satellite service installed. This was expensive but worked for transferring large files. The inherent latency in a satellite service meant that emailing and web browsing didn't appear to improve at all though. So when a community wifi broadband service was launched in my area, I jumped at the chance of getting connected to it. I now get speeds in excess of 30 Mbps, another world altogether. And on the odd occasion it goes down it gets fixed very quickly - generally within the hour and without anyone needing to visit my home. I have recommended the service to various neighbours who all now subscribe to the service.

John Hodgkin